Five reasons to shop at your local Great GreenGrocer

Why is it some salads just taste better than others? Hint: it’s not just because of the dressing.

And why is it that when you’re dreaming of smashed avocado for breakfast, you often cut it open to find it brown on the inside.

There’s only one way to guarantee you’re buying the very best fruit and vegetables that last longer in the fridge and taste better on the plate.

The WA Great GreenGrocers share their top five reasons to shop at your local great greengrocer below.

1. It’s as good as it gets

Your local Great GreenGrocer personally selects hand picks the fresh fruit and vegetables in their stores for you every morning. This means the produce is as fresh as it gets and is of the highest quality. You don’t get that level of personal service at a big brand supermarket. In season produce will be just as fresh as if you were to grow it in your own backyard.

2. Seasonal produce = cheaper prices

Basic economic rules of supply and demand tell us that if there is an abundance of something then it will be cheaper. Seasonal fruit and vegetables are no different, so we recommend buying seasonal goodies for the best in flavour and price. Become a seasonal pro in the kitchen and use your fresh food to make fresh summer salads, hearty winter soups, and everything in between. Yum!

3. It’s healthier

Fresh fruit and vegetables from your local Great GreenGrocer will be the best quality this makes it healthier to eat. Larger chains and supermarkets deal in quantity not quality, meaning more food is preserved, stored and shipped or driven in large supply. What’s more, a smaller independent greengrocer stands behind every item he or she sells. Now that’s quality!

4. Supporting local

Do you like knowing the name of the barista who makes your coffee everyday? Of course you do. It should be the same for your daily or weekly fresh food shop. Knowing the person behind the quality of your fresh fruit and vegetables means that you can trust the quality, the prices and - best of all - you’re supporting a local business. By supporting your local Great GreenGrocer, you are creating a knock-on effect for fresh produce grown in WA, so the local growers benefit too.

5. More flavoursome

If fresh food looks brighter and more vibrant in colour, chances are it will taste that way too. Great GreenGrocers fight for flavour by selecting produce to ensure it is incredibly fresh and flavoursome by the time it is in store for you. There’s nothing like a really sweet strawberry to get your kids asking for more. By adding Great GreenGrocer fruit and vegetables to your meals it is a sure-fire way to make you a better cook and prepare healthier meals and snacks.

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