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Sweet and tender, soft and creamy the banana is an all round crowd pleaser. The most popular crop in the world is available throughout the year.  With its iconic shape and colour this world food source provides the body with instant energy and an impressive list of vitamins and minerals. Perfect as an instant snack or in classics such as Banana Bread, Banoffie Pie or in a Smoothie, this distinctive tasting fruit, is also known to assist hangovers and morning sickness.

Musa balbisiana; Musa acuminate

Sweet and tender with its soft, creamy texture the banana is available all year round with peaks in September through to May.

When choosing bananas go for plump, firm and brightly coloured…

Allow the fruit to warm to room temperature. To peel the fruit, think like a monkey...

The banana is considered one of nature's superfoods due to its energy and nutritional giving properties.