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If there were a berry popularity contest, the strawberry would win hands down. These luscious red berries are renowned for their sweet, tart flavour and firm flesh that is punctuated with delicate yellow seeds. World wide there are more than 600 combined varieties of cultivated and wild strawberries. They are a low GI food, with antibacterial and anti- inflammatory qualities. Strawberries don’t just taste good, they do good. 

Make sure you get in early for Mother's Day and Valentine's Day as Grower's often struggle to produce enough for these celebration days where strawberries have a special place in our hearts.

Fragariax ananassa

Sweet and tart in flavour the strawberry is available all year round with peaks in August through to January.

Look for firm, plump, shiny, deep red fruit, free of mould with attached green caps…

Strawberries are best eaten fresh at room temperature. Since they are very perishable…

An excellent source of Vitamin C; folate and a number of phytochemicals such as…