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Despite originating in Mexico, Zucchini is commonly thought of as a European food along with eggplants and tomatoes. Zucchini is another amazingly versatile vegetable that can be grilled, roasted added to stir-frys and of course the famous French Ratatouille. It can also be used in cakes, frittatas and even made into zucchini chips, for something different.

Baby zucchinis (or courgettes) are zucchinis picked before they are mature, usually around 10cm in length, they are a tender little vegetable that make everything gourmet. For the truly brave at heart, stuffed zucchini flowers are a true delicacy, the courgettes (or baby zucchinis) are picked with their flowers are still attached to the baby zucchini, are stuffed and deep fried.

Cucurbita pepo

Zucchini has a slightly crisp texture and subtle, slightly sour flavour that goes well with all kinds of ingredients. Luckily in WA we can enjoy local zucchini for just about the whole year...

Look for firm, brightly coloured zucchini (the same for courgettes) with no signs of wrinkling or dehydration...

Zucchini are a versatile vegetable that take just minutes to cook...

Zucchinis are a very good source of potassium. Potassium is a heart friendly electrolyte and helps reduce blood pressure and heart rates by countering the effects of sodium.